Winteler Production is a full service, art buying, photo and film production company based in Munich and operating worldwide. While we treat each project with the individuality it deserves, we offer 360 degrees of service. Our services involves consulting in art buying, taking care of all travel arrangements such as flights and hotel bookings or other transfers, casting and booking talents and preparing budget estimates and time schedules. We also offer tailor- made and budget-oriented post-production, location scouting and management, permitting and catering.

Our client and media expertise ranges from fashion and beauty clients to the commercial and corporate sector. Like our clients, our first priority is to provide customers with the highest level of execution.

Art Buying and Creative Consulting:
For each project, we source national and international creative teams tailored to individual needs and budget. We are also happy to help clients with any art buying needs. We can look over a concept or round it off for you, help you pick a suitable creative team and brief them to your wishes. We prepare cost estimates and schedules to ensure everyone sticks to your deadlines. We help request, review and then negotiate all offers.

We offer the solution to your events. We handle all the organisation – finding the right location, managing the invitations, transfers, accommodation, performing talent, event documentation such as a behind the scenes video, catering and much more. We have teamed up with the different PR companies to ensure that the right crowd turns up and is tailored to your target group.

Celebrity Endorsements:
We have strategic partners, such as People and Brands, with whom we can match your brand to the Hollywood elite, influencers, or on-camera personalities. We connect your brand to your customers by giving it the right face.

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